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About the Author - George A. Diamond

As a graduate of Wayne State University with my B.S. in Electrical Engineering, George was trained in solving problems. His first job after college, he developed engineering and manufacturing software for a large automotive manufacturer. His next position he worked in the same capacity as well as in business systems development for another automotive supplier. Along the way he started a computer company that designs systems, fixes IT problems, teaches computer skills and develops software and websites.

Now, what does that have to do with losing weight you may ask?

Two important things:
1) He was able to apply the same objective problem solving skills he learned in college to solve his weight problem and lose 50 pounds and keep it off.
2) He was able to use his experience of analyzing and developing systems, to develop a system that anyone who desires to lose weight can use.

Now, add to that the passion he has to teach, and his weight loss system was born.

Learn how to lose weight fast using his alternative weight loss approach.

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