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Losing weight is about developing a thin person mind-set. It is about making the choices that a thin person would make. It is about getting rid of our excuses, overcoming weight-loss obstacles, and developing lifelong motivation.

This can be rewarding, but it can also be challenging and frustrating at times. However, the right words at the right time can keep us on the right track. The right words can help us stay focused. The right words can also keep us committed to our weight-loss goal.

There will be times that we will feel discouraged. We will find that we need a little inspiration and encouragement to keep us going. It can be as simple as an inspirational quote to get us back on track.

Nibbles of Encouragement will inspire us to make the right choices daily. It is the extra edge we need, to have success at losing weight. Nibbles of Encouragement contains powerful words that I have used to help countless people reach their weight-loss goals.

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